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Car stereo stolen, now car wont start all together

Good morning Car Talkers. i have a buick 1999 regal that i bought the end of last summer. put a new stereo system in the car and everything was working and running great. Unfortunately this all changed for me when my keys and the car stereo were stolen. Needless to say they werent exactly careful when removing the aftermarket stereo equipment. i went to the dealership and got a new key made but have not been able to get it to start. all the dash lights turn on but does not turn over or even click. i tried to jump it which didnt help, even charged the battery over night. Nothing. i disconnected the battery and took off the extra wiring added for the subs/ amp/ etc. which only added another layer to my confusion, the tail lights stay on no matter what until the battery gets disconnected. It pains me to say this but im not much of a car guy and i am completely lost. ive tried to do some research on the subject and things like VATS have come up, bad relay switch, or blown fuses to name a few. i am negative money in terms of worldly worth so if this could just be an easy fix that wont cost much or even a push im the right direction and i will be ecstatic, or atleast not terribly upset :slight_smile: anyway car was running, keys stolen, stereo stolen, keys replaced (door & ignition - had to find that out the hard way), car wont start, and now tail lights stay on indefinitely to sum up my situation.

The thief made things worse by not even leaving ur stolen keys? Where were ur keys stolen from? Not that it matters. Ur car has resistor chip key? possible your brake light switch on steering column has broken wire. Look under column area.

My guess is that they butchered the wiring harness. Perhaps the best place to take it is to a shop that specializes in automotive electrical wiring. There should be one in the phone listings in your area.

I’d recommend that you have them return the wiring to its original schematic, complete with the radio connector. They’ll have access to the schematics and the wiring diagrams (different things) and the expertise to do the job right. That way you can buy an aftermarket audio system, an adapter cable (under $20) and just plug the new unit into the OEM harness when you install it.

Good luck.

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