Car starts only when the sun is out

My 1998 Volvo 760 starts only after the sun comes up. If it’s dark and cold, the engine turns over but the car won’t run. My mechanic has changed: the fuel pump; fuel ejection; and the computer. He thinks the problem may be caused by the electrical system… and the bills pile up.

I’m sure that your mechanic knows a lot more about Volvos than I do. It’d be hard not too know more about Volvos than I do. But if the vehicle were a mundane rice burner with those symptoms, I’d surely suspect the coil pack/ignitors/whatever and/or the ignition wires.

What, exactly, has Sven replaced in the “fuel ejection” system? There are a number of parts – mechanical and electrical – on most cars that could fall under the heading of “fuel injection system”. I’d suspect something electrical and especially anything carrying high voltage. But, again, I know less than nothing about Volvos.

Have you or your mechanic tested for spark when this is happening? Sounds more like an ignition problem rather than fuel, but perhaps your Volvo mechanic already ruled this out.

I agree that the problem sounds more like an ignition problem than a fuel delivery problem.
As was suggested, this could be as simple as the need for new spark plug wires. Or it could involve the coil pack.

Then again, maybe it’s the “fuel ejection” system.
Personally, I would not want my car to be ejecting fuel.