Car starting then stalling

I have a 2000 honda v7 coupe and recently I’ve been having problems starting it. Generally when I drive to work in the morning it’s fine. However if I am running errands and make many stops then it isn’t. After stopping at one place I start my car like usual, then the RPMs rise, the car rumble, and then it stops. However if i pump the gas then it is fine. When I am driving then I have no issues and the car runs smoothly. I recently had a major maintence and also told them about this problem. They said that they couldn’t diagnose it since I didn’t bring it in with the problem. Any ideas?

The surging is often caused by a dirty Idle Air Control Valve (IACV). If that is the cause, it is a simple, inexpensive fix: A mechanic should be able to clean it with some brake or carb cleaner, taking maybe 10 minutes or so.
I’d try that first, just to eliminate it as a cause. No doubt there are youTube videos out there on how to do that by a DIYer. The part isn’t hard to get to.

Edit - I found a very nice write up here: