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Car stalls

We have a 2008 Toyota Sequoia with 60k miles. We purchased 100k mile warranty when we bought the car new. The past year or so, the car will stall just after starting. There is no rhyme or reason as to when it will do it (hot, cold, morning, day, night, etc.). It will stall after starting and won’t start after several attempts. You wait approximately 10 minutes and it will start just fine. This happens about 2x monthly, sometimes more sometimes less. Toyota has no idea what it is, they tried cleaning up the carbon buildup. They will not investigate the problem and we are just basically forced to live with it! please any ideas would be much appreciated! this is our last hope!!!

If this dealer will not help you, it’s time for a new dealer. They should give you a loaner and keep the van a few days to see what happens. With that said it is VERY hard to diag an intermitant problem like you are having.

Check the fuel pressure when you get the “no start” condition. Quick and easy way to test would be to spray some starting fluid into the throttle body and if it runs, look at the fuel pump or filter. (fuel delivery system)