Car Stalls



I have a '98 Nissan Altima and it has been stalling. When the car stalls, it is always in drive but stopped with my foot on the break (ie: when I’m stopped at a red light). When it stalls, I shift it into park and it starts up again fine. The car seems to be running normal except for this issue. Could it be the noc sensor? Any other ideas?


May I suggest you have the car scanned for codes, and then from there it could be easier to figure out what is wrong and probably a lot cheaper and quicker to fix.


There are of course many things that can cause this. A very common one that is often misdiagnosed is a sticky idle speed actuator. The standard symptom will involve very low idle speed and dying at all times, but some of them act really weird. The way to eliminate this is to watch the tach if you have one. It should move smoothly to idle speed and stay there, with no bouncing around or overshoot. It it oscillates a bit, that is a bad sign.


It could be that the torque converter is not unlocking.