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Car stalls or slows or stalls at times

I had a newly installed battery just the other day because the car would not start, I’ve had several jump start throughout the year. I’ve also had a problem with the car stalling or slowing when I step on the gas pedal to turn corners and also driving uphill, I’ve had this problem before when I was low on gas but this time I wasn’t low on gas. Can you tell me what can cause the car to stall as if it is about to break down. Also, I was told I need to take my car on the highway at least once a week.

There are lots of things that can cause the car to run poorly, lack power, and occasionally stall.

That’s about all anyone’s going to be able to say since the only thing we know is that its a “car” - we don’t know if its a 1957 Buick or a 2007 Subaru or… We don’t know how many miles are on it or what kind of shape it is in in terms of maintenance.

I’d take it you the most reputable, locally owned shop you can find and have them look it over. Perhaps you just have simple issues like really old spark plugs & wires, fuel or air filters, etc.

Sorry, I forgot to tell you it’s a 1993 Volvo 940 and it has 156,123 mileage. Also, my ABS light has just started to come on…I had my brakes checked because they make a squeaking noise when I back out of a parking space and I do need to get the brakes fixed.

There’s not much point in guessing about much until we know how old the spark plugs & wires & filters are. A large number of issues like this are just from overdue maintenance (“tune up” type) items.