Car stalls and after while starts

Hi, I have a problem with my vw polo 1.4 44kw, while I driving, my car suddenly stop reacting to gas pedal and after a while stalls if I turn to the neutral gear. When I want start engine it doesn’t start I must wait for a while maybe 2minutes and then the car starts without problem. Diagnostic VCDS show nothing. What should I check?

Check for a bad crankshaft position sensor.


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Thanks for tip but how can I check it or test it?

Just change it, they aren’t that expensive.

Depending where the crank sensor is located, a shade tree method for testing a crank sensor is, as the engine idles, take a hair drier/heat gun and point at the crank sensor.

If the engine suddenly shuts off, the crank sensor is being effected by heat and failing.