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Car Stalling - Automatic Transmission

So a few weeks ago my car stalled when I was backing out of a parking spot. It then continued to stall when I was trying to drive through the parking lot. I chalked it up to being low on gas. When I got on the highway it stopped doing it. Then I filled up with gas and it continued to stall while going from a stop position. There is gas and when I go to shift from Reverse to Drive it stalls out when I push the gas. It is almost as if the fuel is not coming through but if I punch it then it does not stall. I’ve had a number of car issues in the past and I’ve never experienced anything like this before.

This is an automatic 2003 BMW 330xi.

Has the computer been scanned yet. If not, I recommend you start there, it might give some insight as to what is going on.