Car stalling (automatic chevrolet optra 1.6 LS 2004)

ok so here is the deal, i have a chevrolet optra 1.6LS model 2004… couple of months ago the engine blew up for i don’t know what reason is (maybe because of driving too fast and not getting it oil changed for about a year or so). i got it overhauled got the engine fixed and everything seems to work fine except for the oil dipper can thing lighting up every time i release the gas, then after a while the rpm goes down and the engine stops, i can start it right away but i need to have my foot pressing the gas.

I’ve already brought it to a chevrolet service center and they cant seem to find the problem and I’ve read a couple of forums but it doesn’t make sense because everything(maybe) was replaced when i got it overhauled… i’ve asked a couple of my friends and they said it might be the idler or the air flow thing. i dont have much knowledge of cars coz im only 18… i really want my car to be fixed its really a bother every time i go on dates. :smiley:

please help me… you guys are geniuses!..please…