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Car stalling after fueling

When fuel up my car has a hard time starting. I have to rev it, slam it into drive and hit the gas at the same time. Otherwise, it stalls. Once I get it going it never stalls again or has a hard time starting. It’s only when I add fuel. I have taken it to my mechanic who has run computer diagnostics and can’t find a problem.

Help me help my mechanic find this problem

Thank you.

There must be a CEL coming on, have the codes read and post the numbers back here please for further help.

What is a CEL and where do I get the numbers to post?

CEL = Check Engine Light

Many auto part stores will read the codes for free. They should be in the form P1234.

Without knowing what the problem is, I would not rule out the possibility that there is a code even if the CEL did not come on.

CEL is short for “check engine light” though sometimes they say things like “service engine soon” or sometimes they can just be a little graphic. If your mechanic ran computer diagnostics and got nothing then your light probably isn’t on. But if it is you can get it scanned free at many auto parts stores.

Got it. The light doesn’t come on. But, I will check back with my mechanic for the diagnostic results. Thank you.

It might help to know What year is your Hyundai is. The issue would be whether it has an On-board Vapor Recovery System. If it has OVRS then the problem you are having possibly has to do with the associated hardware that traps fumes in the Charcoal cannister during fueling and is supposed to release the captured fuel afterwards. If there is something wrong with the OVRS equipment, it may be feeding the engine a fuel mixture it can’t run properly on for a short period after fueling.

If it doesn’t have OVRS, it’s really hard to guess what the problem could be. Sediment in the fuel tank getting stirred up during fueling? I don’t think I believe that, but I can’t come up with anything better.

What happens if you start the car after fueling and let it run for 60 seconds before trying to drive off?

It’s a 2005. Not sure about the Recovery System. When I start it after fueling it will stall immediately if I don’t rev it and slam it into drive. I have tried to start it and let it idle a bit for driving off but to no avail. Would the Recovery System issue appear on the diagnostic read-out?