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Car stalled while driving, now won't start

99 Oldsmobile silhouette
I was driving down the highway and without notice my car stalled, when I looked down It seemed I was overheating.
I pulled to the side of the road and check the coolant, it was full with no leakage. The serpentine belt was connected with proper tension.
I waited for the car to cool and tried to start it again, when I did the car sqealed like 10 Chipmunks having an orgy. But it would not start The sound seemed to come from the area near the belt
The next morning, I gave it a try and it started right up but would only run 30 seconds.

The water pump might be seizing up.


Minus the smoke that sounds just like my car

take the serp belt loose and spin all the pulleys by hand. All should spin freely, except for 1- the big bottom one attached to the crankshaft.

Like Tester alluded to- one of them is likley locking up.

All wheels I’ve with ease

Changed the water pump, the barrings were shot and she started up with a little trouble. It finally turned over, but started overheating after a few minutes. The engine is now very loud and has a kind of knocking sound
I than bleed out the coolant lines of any gas build up.
Now it will not turn over at all.

It sounds like the engine was damaged from overheating.

How much more money are you willing to sink into this INVESTMENT?


Do you mean it won’t crank, that rrr rrr rrr sound with the key in “start”? If so, do you hear any sound at all when you turn the key to “start”? Like a click? It’s usually possible to remove a coolant hose (like the one going to the heater) to verify that there’s coolant flow when the engine is turning, which there should be even during cranking. You might want to try that experiment, maybe the new water pump isn’t working or problem w/the install.

It is trying to start, and even get a quick full start a couple of times, but dies immediately
Will try hose experiment.

Don’t want to replace engine, but the car was free so a couple $ was expected. Prior to this she ran like a beast, she does have a small tranny leak but I just keep up with it. If I can get her running, my profile pic is the goal