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Car Sputters @3000 RPM, Applying Brakes Engine Dies

Hey Guys, I bought a 2004 Hyundai XG 350L in January 2005. It was the 2004 dealer demo. It has not given me any problems until today. I went out to start the car and after the car was started I applied the break to put the car in gear. Immediately the car died. I went through this process for three or four times until I finally was able to get the car into gear by barely touching the break pedal and putting the car in gear before it died. Once I exited my driveway, I was able to use the break, but each time I did it made the tachometer fall to 500 RPM. I have checked all the fluids and everything is full. To further complicate the situation, when accelerating during my 45 minute drive to work this afternoon, at 3000 RPM my car would start sputtering. It seemed like a total loss of power. If my car did not have a manual shifter, along with being an automatic, I would still be traveling down the road in slow motion. This was really a strange situation that happened today. Also, just icing on the cake… the windshield cracked during the trip to work. Just one nightmare after another. In January I’m getting my hours cut to 16 hours a week, so I can’t really afford major car repairs right now.

I would suspect a problem related to your power BRAKE booster. A vacuum leak can cause rough idling and stalling, and could also be related to the “sputtering” while accelerating. The brake booster is powered by vacuum from the engine, so…

I agree, the vacuum system is the first place to look for a problem. Sometimes vacuum leaks are very inexpensive to repair. Sometimes.

A loose hose connection or a damaged vacuum hose can cause problems, but these things are not expensive to repair.

On the other hand, a new power brake booster, if that’s what’s needed, will not be inexpensive.

The windshield crack, while unfortunate, has nothing to do with your drivability problems.

Can you afford to drive a luxury vehicle if you only work 16 hours per week?

Just wondering.

Good luck.

Can I afford it… Well long story short… I was injured in an accident at work in December 2006. Before my injury I was managing a business. Income was not an issue. I was terminated for filing a work comp claim, and won a settlement out of court. Since, it has been challenging to obtain gainful employment. I just got the news that corporate has decided to cut our hours here. I had been working 32-40 hours, but am classified as a part time employee. Thus, starvation is eminent. Can I afford this car now? Until now I have had absolutely no problems with the vehicle. Thank you for your response!!!

Thank you for your response to my dilemma! I have no technical expertise, and I can check the fluids and change the oil, but just never understood any of this vehicle stuff. Thank you again!