Car sounds like a freight train

My 2002 Windstar sounds like a freight train. The faster I drive, the louder the noise -it’s absolutely deafening. It’s not engine/transmission related - very quiet when stopped or in park. It’s not brakes/tires. No change in sound when I turn a corner. What could it be and is it a safety issue?

Have you looked carefully under the vehicle for something dragging??

Have your wheel bearings checked. If it sounds almost like your driving on rumble strips all the time, it is almost certainly a bad wheel bearing (or two). They can be quite deafening. I would get it fixed ASAP. When they get noisy, they can quickly become a safety problem if they fall apart or lock up while you’re driving the vehicle.

Thanks Mark9207!

I heard that if the noise stops when turning, then it is wheel bearings. Do you agree? Any chance it could axel or even drive train? Thanks much!