Strong Gas Odor from under Hood

Strong Gas Odor from under the Hood.Mechanic found no leaks.Contacted Subaru only reply I got was “how many miles are on the Car” and take it to a Subaru Dealer.Odor is intermittently.

Well, your about to get the same question here. Model year and mileage please.

P.S. It really does make a difference.

…especially if your mystery-vintage Subie is one of the ones that was recalled for replacement of defective fuel line clamps.

Take it to the dealership.

Visit your Subaru dealer. Some early 2000’s Subaru’s had fuel leak problems on the fuel rail especially at cold temps.

They should be experienced and also it may be covered by some of the recalls or bullitins they had out for free.

Good luck.

Thanks for reply .It’s a 2002 Subaru Outback Legacy Wagon.125000 Miles.Odor is not constant,after running Odor free for a while shutting Engine off and restarting ,smell is back.

IIRC, 2002 is of the era when some of the cars were recalled for defective fuel line clamps. The dealership can tell by the VIN if your car is one of the recalled ones.
However, even if it is not in the recalled group, the dealer is probably the best place to track down this problem.