Car shut down when it's hot

I have a 95 Lexus SC300. When I start the car and later when the engine gets hot, it just shuts down.
I don’t know what’s wrong with it. I changed the spark plugs and the coil. I’m guessing it is the sensor, but I don’t know if it’s that problem.

It’s really a dealership or an import shop experienced with lexus. The computer controls the engine functions. When you mentioned “sensor” do you know how many sensors are on that motor? If it is the temperature sensor somebody has to go into the computer anyway.

When it shuts down, find out if it loses fuel or spark (or perhaps both). Pull a plug, use a spare or a spark tester to check for spark. Use some starting fluid into the intake to find out about fuel. (If a shot of starting fluid will get it going even for a few seconds then its about fuel).

If you report back about that, people at least have the options cut down.

It’s has spark an no lost fuel

but it shut down about 4-5 mins

If it has both spark and fuel it won’t shut down after 4-5 minutes. One or both of those things are shutting down. Perhaps you could say how you know it has spark & fuel.

That is unless you have some major engine issues. Perhaps its time to take a look at the compression just to rule that out.

Is your check engine light on?

the check engine light it on but i cant drive it the garage shop to check it and i already check the spark an the fuel

This is me giving up