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Car shaking

Whenever i accelerate from about 10 to 25 mph my car shakes violently and it feels like i am going over a rumble strip. After the car shifts the shaking goes away, but it comes back when I come to a stop and the same thing happens again. When i accelerate at higher speeds though i dont get any rumbling at all

Automatic or manual transmission? How many miles on it. What year Lexus?

automatic 1996 almosts 200,000 miles

Why the whole new thread? -->

Do you have any further info - e.g. have the motor/trans mounts been inspected?

i havent been able to get them inspected yet i was just trying to get more amswers from people

im getting it checked saturday

i have to get my transmission repaired now

If you can provide some details about things it can help folks say whether or not they think that the diagnosis you’ve been give seems reasonable. It will also satisfy folks’ curiosity as the what the problem may have been.

sorry well on my home one day i lost complete power in drive so i had to get it looked at and they said that they needed to rebuild my transmission im post the rest of the details when i pick it up

Who are “they”? - and I only ask b/c if “they” is a national chain shop (such as AAMCO) they normally don’t really do much in response to trans problems other than say “you need a rebuild.” They do that regardless of whether you do or not.

What you want is a locally owned, independent transmission shop with a good reputation. It would be best to ask them what the basis of their diagnosis is. Also ask if they scanned for codes and ask what the codes were. You can write those down and post them along with any other info you have. (E.g. did you ever check your trans fluid?)

yeah i had my transmission flushed before this and it helped but it went out anyway. and it is a local company i never take my car to a chain store