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Car shaking

Whenever i accelerate from about 10 to 30 mph my car shakes violently and it feels like i am going over a rumble strip. After the car shifts the shaking goes away, but it comes back when I come to a stop and the same thing happens again

Might be good to know basics like make, model, year

You’re going to shift a few times as you accelerate, so the “after the car shifts” is hopelessly ambiguous.

In any case, are you sure it is only in certain gears or is it just about how hard the acceleration is? As you’re going from 10 to 30 what happens if you let off the gas? Does the shake stop? What if you’re up over 30mph and try some harder acceleration? If you don’t know, try it. This will be my guess and I will say to have your engine/transmission mounts inspected and your CV joints - especially inner joints.

1996 lexus es300

im pretty confident its only in certain gears because ive accelerated pretty hard on the high way and havent had any shaking actually if i put the car in 2nd and put it in drive after ive speed up theres not much shaking

Ten to thirty mph is almost certainly second to third gear. I agree there is a broken motor mount. Not an expensive repair.

ok good because some people were saying that i might need a whole new transmission

it broke down on me today so its go to get looked at this weekend