Car shakes on startup, clears up if I rev the engine

I had the fuel injectors cleaned and tested for leaks, I just left the car at a mechanic for almost a week to check it out, they’re fine. I also did a compression test and a hydrocarbon test. There is no cracked head gasket. Coil boots look fine.

I found this…

Throttle Position Sensor
The throttle position sensor, located on the throttle body, reads the angle of the throttle valve based on the position of the gas pedal and transmits the data to the engine control computer.

Symptoms of Wear or Failure

Check Engine Light may come on
Engine may hesitate, misfire, or jerk upon acceleration

I read it’s a known issue on my model that the throttle position sensor can go bad. Maybe this is it. It hesitates as well. This actually makes a lot of sense. It feels like it is not throttling correctly. That’s why the first thing I did was clean the throttle body. I read someone else had this same issue and replaced the entire throttle body to fix it too now.

omg, I’m also reading it causes idle issues and every mechanic said my idle was off but didn’t know how to fix it.

Has anyone seen this type of thing with a throttle position sensor before? Not with the shaking and smoke on startup but with it jerking on acceleration.