Car shakes, idle drops, car shuts off when idle on D or reverse, P0741 code, etc. (Help)

Hi, can I get people’s second opinion, tips, prices, solutions, etc. please!?

I drive a 2006 Scion tC with 96000 mileage. The car has been getting a lot of problems lately.

  1. P0741 torque converter engine light
  2. Lost in power
  3. Lost in MPG
  4. Shakes a lot inside
  5. Low Idle
  6. engine shuts off on reverse and d mode
  7. Noisy strange sounds
  8. Gear slip around 2-3
  9. RPM goes high at low speed.

I Replaced,
Spark plugs, coil plugs, engine oil, coolant, steering fluid, brake fluid. I need to to replace the transmission fluid but I’m afraid that isn’t going to help so theres no point.

I was told by a couple of shops to get a transmission rebuild which is around $1500.

I also read someones comment online:
“It’s your transmission. Your torque converter is bad. There is too much torque as a result. When your car is in neutral or park there is no torque being created. When you leave the in gear idle state, the torque is relieved. That is why the problem will go away when you hit the gas. Hope this helps”

I am a college student so I don’t have lot of money.

It may be just a sticking torque converter lockup clutch solenoid. For that you wouldn’t need a transmission rebuild.

Thats what I’m hoping.