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Car Shake/Vibrate after replacing a water pump

My father-in-law and I replaced the water pump on my 2007 Ponitac Vibe. After we replaced the antifreeze and turned the car on, the car started vibrating (visible in the hood while it was still up and the plastic in the door was rattling a little) after about 3-5 minutes of idling (in neutral-the car is a manual).

Any suggestions as to what we missed? Is this normal?

Maybe you bumped an electrical or vacuum connector loose?

Thank you for the reply. We’ll go back and check the area that we were working in.

Did you disconnect the battery? I broke off an engine temp sensor once changing an alternator on the side of the road so agree go back and check everything in the area.

Definitely check all your work including the serpentine belt routing and belt tension. Also check the pulley alignment and look to see if you can visually identify what’s vibrating.

Did you use a new pump or a rebuilt one?