Car sensor

diagnosis of when they go bad

Oh god, here we go again.

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We’re not going to baby sit.


Your question is the automotive equivalent of asking a medical professional, “How can you tell when someone is sick?”

Hopefully, you would provide adequate information to your doctor, and would ask direct questions of your healthcare provider, instead of asking a non-specific question such as this.

So, rather than trying to “back into” the answer that you want, you need to give us basic, vital information, including:

The symptoms/problems that your car is displaying

The model year of the car, its engine type, and the type of transmission

The odometer mileage

Whether the car is still covered by warranty

What repairs–if any–have been attempted so far

The maintenance history of the car over the past 2 or 3 years.
Please do not give us a meaningless statement such as “it has been well-maintained”.


Use it when non-human write question.

We need a lot more information about the car and the problem you are having in order to help you. This is sort of like going to the doctor’s office and saying, “I don’t feel good. Fix it.” The doctor wouldn’t be able to help you if that’s all he knew, would he?

Warning lights go off and the codes get read for free at the auto parts store to see what the problem is.

That’s what the ODB-II system does.

Yep, when they go bad, they need to be diagnosed and replaced.

Congratulations. You’ve won our earlier contest for the “least descriptive question”.

Did you have a particular sensor in mind?

Actaully, my vote goes to this one:
The question was horrible, and the guy replied several times with his backside.

PS. Sorry for the reminder. Still trying to put that one behind me.

Hmmmm…It’s really hard to pick whether this one or the “disable Hill-holder” thread wins the award, but I guess that I have to give the nod to “Mr. Hill-holder” just on the basis of his hostility and refusal to elaborate.

However, the question that started this thread is surely a close second for its…obfuscation of intent.

I concur. We’ll give this guy second place.

I’m in hysterics! Because i’m not familiar with the particulars of the hill holder system, I never opened this thread. I missed a truely legendary Smothers Brothers routine, and I LOVE comedy. You could not make this stuff up!

This one’s actually not so bad either. Though I think its only on my mind b/c it came through today. Its also true that “mounts” just by nature carries less ambiguity than "sensor"

Yes, the “mounts” post is also a winner.
It’s just so hard to choose which thread is the best non-starter.

You guys are KILLING me!

But on the healthy side. Your sensor is OK.