Check engine light!

Good day to you

I bought an imported car from Dubi it’s been 2 years now my Quetsion about check engine light could it only be O2 sensor or it maybe something else case it turned on once i have replaced the charger!!

thank you

It’s impossible to say. Modern cars use an ODB-II compliant engine management system that monitors several sensors around the engine and produces any of hundreds of possible trouble codes when it senses a problem. Just guessing and throwing parts at it can get expensive.

Get the codes read. If it is here in the states, there are many auto parts stores nationwide that will read the codes for free. Get the codes in a format like P0131, post it here, and we can offer more sound advise.

Thank you very much for you prompt reply

can you name one of code reader (brandname) i can buy here in Saudi Arabia