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Car security

buick park ave. wont start? had new key made but no cigar! for a '93 rides sweet. please someone help.

A better description than “won’t start” is necessary if you want to get responses with any substance.

Does the starter crank the engine, or not?
Do you smell gasoline when you try to start it?
Is the no-start condition dependent on the temperature?
Does jump-starting the engine make a difference?
How old is the battery?
Has the car been maintained in accordance with the mfr’s maintenance schedule?
How many miles are on the odometer?

Does the security light stay on?
You said you had a new key cut. Not a dealer key with the security chip?

Had a new key made…WOW…that’s a new one.

What EXACTLY is happening.

Does the old key start the car? If so, I’ll bet it is a key with a chip in it. Without the chip, and it being sync’ed with the security system, it will never work.