Car Repair Insurance

I’m sure my question is a dumb one–I have a 2004 Hyundai Santa Fe, just hit 70,000 miles, and I’ve already replaced my timing belt ($$). My fiance called today to tell me the car is “stuttering” and not on the acceleration/deceleration. Now I’m worried that it’s the transmission. Before I take it in and break the bank, is it worth getting car repair insurance that I hear about? I don’t have the warranty because my parents sold the car to me and we lost the warranty transferring the title.

I’ve gotten conflicting advice via google. Everyone’s thoughts??

Thanks in advance!

Car Repair Insurance is a total SCAM. I’m amazed companies like that are allowed to stay in business.

That’s what I thought, sounded way too good to be true–thanks for the heads up!

Car repair “insurance” companies are a lot smarter and more crooked than the people they sell insurance or warranties to.

If you buy such a policy you will find that there are numerous exclusions and the items covered are generally those that rarely fail. If you manage to claim, the policy normally would have cost you twice as much as the claim recovered.

Save you money, fix your car properly, and maintain it well in the future. The timing belt is not a repair, but a normal maintenance item. The stuttering may be neglected maintenance such as spark plugs, filters, fuel pump or other. Take it to a good shop to get a diagnosis first.

Agreed, avoid both those television and print ad scams that are all over the place.

Take the car by a local auto parts store like Advance, Checkers, AutoZone, etc. and have them scan the car for a first step. This will provide you with any codes if they exist. They will perform this service for you free and it only takes a few minutes.
Post any results back for discussion.

I wouldn’t worry too much about major problems at this point. (unless the fiance is a lead-footed driver; or possible ex-fiancee if he has trashed your car) :slight_smile:
My feeling is that this problem is likely comparatively minor in nature.

Your question is not at all stupid. Asking questions about things you don’t know is smart. Buying repair insurance is stupid.

Drive the car yourself and see what’s going on…Then (if necessary) have a real mechanic take it for a spin and see what he thinks. Maybe it’s not the transmission. Maybe it’s the fuel filter. And for sure, forget the insurance…

I think those car repair insurance commercials are quite funny. They talk as though the covered repairs are free. They are only free if you ignore the premiums you pay.

Keep in mind, things like the timing belt job, unless one breaks prematurely, are considered maintenance items, not repair items. Your timing belt job would not have been covered.

This isn’t a stupid question. It is a great question.