Car registration needed to fix car?

i hadnt driven my car for a year since the registration expired. i took my car out to move it in time for snow yesterday and found it was making a strange rattling noise. i took it out for a few blocks, but the nose continued. will a car mechanic ordinarily ask or need to see car registration to fix the car?

also, do u know much much an oxygen sensor typically costs for this model?

The law says that an unregistered motor vehicle may not be operated on public roads. A mechanic will not knowingly drive on public roads any unregistered vehicle. He can work on an unregistered vehicle anywhere that it is allowed to work on registered vehicles.

The mechanic won’t have any problems working on the car, but he’ll probably refuse to do a test drive if needed.

You still have liability insurance, right? Otherwise, don’t drive one foot on public roads unless you want to roll the dice with all of your current assets and future earnings.

Did you add fuel stabilizer before letting the car sit? If not, you may need to drain and replace the fuel at this point.

No if they ask explain you do not have one.

They may ask or try to find to enter your information into their database.

is liability the same as car insurance? cuz i have car insurance…

and what is fuel stabilizer? is that just regular gas for the car?

If you kept up the same insurance as when you were driving it, then you’re fine there. Liability insurance is part of that.

Fuel stabilizer is a product that you add to gas that won’t be used in perhaps six months or more. Otherwise the gas undergoes chemical changes, making it not burn very well and possibly even clogging up the fuel system, given enough time.

If the issue is you’re not going to renew the registration if the mechanic finds something terminal, if you explain this to the DMV (or whoever handles car registration in your state) they might be able to issue you a temporary sticker. In my state you can get a 30-day one for 5 bucks.

Getting back to your problem: The valves or lifters (if it has hydraulic lifters) are probably sticky. Maybe some kind of additive in the gas or oil would help.

Sta-Bil one of several fuel stabilizers you can use. Suggest using it if you are not driving the car regularly. Walmart and any auto parts store has Sta-bil.

You are asking if a mechanic would do something “not quite legal”? (like a diagnostic or post repair test drive) Well I will leave that answer up to the thousands who post they have been cheated by mechanics.

If you have the money they will work on a car you don’t even own, much less have registered.

Sure, some people will break the law; but, one should be willing to face the consequences, if caught. The law says that NO ONE may drive an unregistered motor vehicle on public roads. This includes ANY person who is not the unregistered owner.

It’s legal for any shop to work on an unregistered vehicle, but unless they have a “repair” plate they cannot legally test drive it. Some states offer these special plates for shops to enable them to fix up and test drive cars for resale or consignment.

The Motor Vehicle Department here in AZ has tightened up on issuing “Dealer plates”. It seems too many upper level employees were using them for vehicles that were being used for “personal” reasons, not demoing the car or test driving a unsold car.

Next came the actual Dealer owners having a fit over the miles being put on “new” cars, they put the stop to most "Dealer plate’ abuse

Some states have “dealer plates” for test drivves and seperate “repair plates” for shops that might repair unregistered cars but don’t sell them themeselves. I’ve seen them before.

Here in NH I believe we only have “dealer” plates.

thanks everyone! I just wanted to fix the car so it wouldn’t get more messed up, but i am in the process or renewing my registration. thanks!