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Car refuses to start (intermittent) and last night the interior light started blinking

I posted this on Just Answer onThursday, May 5 and so far in 24 hours no one has come up with the answer to my problem:

When I switched off my ignition, I heard a ticking sound. Then I noticed my interior light was blinking on and off. I selected another setting (say from ON when door is opened to on all the time) and it continued to blink. I put the key in the ignition again and my car would not start. I put the shift in gear and then back into park and it started. Could you tell me what is the fault?

Country: United States
Make: Porsche
Model: 993
Year: 1995

Already Tried:
It’s a Carrera 2 and in the past had relays and alternators changed because mechanics diagnosed them as cause for the car not starting for no good reason (battery in good health but the car would not start and at other times it would start as per normal).

Pls note: I am not sure but I probably had the drover’s door open when I switched off and removed the ignition key.

Ooops, I meant driver’s door not drover’s door.