Car Radio Losing Signals After Battery Change


I recently had the battery changed in my 1991 Volvo 760 station wagon. After the battery change I had to reinstall the security code on my radio in order for it to work. I stupidly used the code from my previous Volvo - and after two wrong tries the Volvo routine disallows any future attempts to input the code until the radio is turned on for a two hour period. I did do this and then input the correct security code, at which time the radio did play. However, the FM stations which I almost always prefer and to which I listen consistently (NPR!) are now very static-y unless I am close to the urban area, and the AM stations are also not as clear.

What caused this change to the radio and can I do something - or have someone else do something - that will bring back what was a very clear and strong radio performance??

Change the setting from local to distant. Try to wipe out the preselects and reset them.

Thanks much - there is no manual for the radio and I am not certain which button would be the reset for distant/local. Is there a “universal” symbol on the buttons to indicate this? There is a button next to the FM/AM change button which has always been a mystery button. Possibly this one…? Will try to wipe out the presets too.

Thanks again for your quick assistance. Two things I immediately noticed when I lost the radio because of two wrong codes - first, how much I really appreciated the normally wonderful programs and sound, and second, how much more I heard all the funny little sounds the car was making which I had not heard because of the radio! Not so sure I want to hear all of those…

You should have your alternator checked. It may be the cause of the battery failure, and the noise in the radio.