Car purchase help

Looking for opinions on which car is the better buy for daily commuting etc:work Thank you

I test drove both cars and was pleased with how both performed talked him down to 3200 for $3100
Only issue is the guy said it was an 06 and when I went to test drive it I get there and it’s an 04

Neither. The Audi will cost tons of money in maintenance.

The VW will cost you less, but still be expensive. $3100 turbo cars are NOT what you should be considering for a daily commute.


14 year old German cars? Run away!


You’d really consider buying a car from someone who lied to you already? Don’t you think he might lie about other things related to this car?

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If someone GIVES you a 14 year old German car it will still be expensive to own. Run away, as others say.


Go get yourself a nice Buick or Chev with 100,000 miles like I did. It’ll be good for 500,000 miles is maintained.

and quickly!

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I miss Monty Python. Used to laugh myself sick. And Red Skeleton too.

I like the VW best of the two.

I’d look for a newer compact or small car for a commuter. Newer typically means more reliable, and that is what you want in a commuter car. Whatever you buy, have a mechanic you trust do a prepurchase inspection, then decide if you want to buy the car or not. All cars are fabulous according to the seller. You need to check the real condition of the car. If it has to be one of these, I’d pay to check the VW. It already passed inspection. You may need to pay for an inspection on the Audi, and there is not telling how much it will cost to pass it.

One more thing: Lifetime XM radio applies only to the person that bought it, and even then only to the radio it was purchased for. I have XM and I never bought lifetime service because of that limitation.

We’ve had success with a couple of Cobalts. Something like that is what I’m thinking of. They aren’t as popular as a Civic or Corolla, and will cost less for an equivalent car. Condition is much more important in an older car than brand. If you find a Honda or Toyota in your price range, consider it. Just don’t expect the brand to mean as much in a well used car than it does for a new one.