Car problem

I have a 2002 Sante Fe (purchased October 27, 2002). September 2007, I first encountered the problem with my car. After I fill my gas tank, my car would not start. I have to wait 5-10 minutes before I can start my car or I would have to get a jump. After I start my car, I do not have any problems until I have to fill my gas tank.

I have taken my car in for service 3 times and for some reason, they cannot fix the problem. First visit, the dealership would tell me I will need a new battery. Seconc visit, they would tell me I will need to purchase a new battery in order for them to test my electrical system, eventhough I purchased a new battery from them 2-weeks prior. Third visit, they replaced my fuel pump, which they charged me becasue my warranty expired by then. This was an existing problem prior to the warranty expiration. The problem still exist. I have had a total of 4 batteries in my car (purchased of the car in 2002, 2003, twice in 2007).

I have contacted Hyundia Regional Office regarding the matter with my local Hyundai dealership. Hyundai regional office will reimburse me for the cost to relace my fuel pump. They are working with me to resolved this problem by referring me to another Hyundai dealership in my area (my choice) even though my warranty has expired on October 27, 2007.

Could you tell me what is the problem with my car?

You have not told us very much, practically nothing. All we have heard is that your car won’t start up sometimes. There could be 100 different reasons why this happens.

Although you mentioned the problem has occurred after a fillup, this may be merely a coincidence. The first set of mechanics, who heard the whole story, believe it is an electrical problem. Four batteries since purchase support this theory. So I am not inclined to assume you have a fuel delivery problem or an emission control problem, as your post might suggest to some people. I could be wrong though.

Anyway, you’ve done the right thing by kicking this mess upstairs to the regional office. Now let the second dealership have a crack at it. Save all existing paperwork for your warranty claims. Good luck.

We can help but a little more info about this trouble would help.

Since the focus was on the battery and fuel pump I assume that the starter is working ok along with the ignition when this trouble occurs. Is that correct? If that is so, I also assume that the fuel pump isn’t working and if that is correct my first suspect would be the fuel pump relay causing the trouble or a power connection to the pump.

For any car, tractor, lawn-mower, et cetera ya need: Fuel, Air, Reasonable Compresion, and Spark @ the Right Time. (I know, no spark W/ Diesel Cycle) Any way, fastest way to get to bottom is to check for spark when she won’t start. A helper is nearly a must. Pull a plug wireand hold it to engine block ground. A rag to insulate your hand and an old plug in the end of wire really helpful. A good blue spark means look to fuel issue. A shot of either when ya have a problem can be nearly as good a test for spark if engine otherwise runs good. If she caulfs or better, got spark, if not you can give Dealer, etc. real good info. Don’t sweat a little spark (if pull a plug wire) or use of Either, regardles of what Owners book (or the Wimpy Amoung Us say) Ain’t gonna hurt a thing and you will save big time fustration (cash if you job out repair) by getting nature of problem.