Car Problem with Previa vans

Car problem. I own two Toyota Previa Vans, a 1991 and a 1993. Last year I was traveling to West Virgina and stopped to check into a motel. When I got back in the car, it would not start, although the lights and horn worked fine. I didn’t sleep all night worrying about my car. When morning came, I went to turn the ignition, and it started right up. When I returned home, the same thing happened with my 1991 van. I’ve had the cars towed to my mechanic when this occurs and as soon as it gets off the truck, it starts right up. I think the vans are in collusion about making me go crazy. This only happens from May to September (hot season). Today, I made three stops and when I went back to start it, it didn’t start. I called my mechanic and he said he’ll come over to check it out and after 45 minutes, I had to call him back and tell him it started up. Last week, both vans did the same thing on the same day. This has been going on for one year. The new battery and alternator have been checked out and they are ok. I sometimes think that I’m suffering from Carhausen syndrome (named after Munchausen syndrome). He was the count who made himself sick in order to get attention. I feel as though people are beginning to think I want the attention of having my cars towed so much that I am making them break down. AAA is about to cancel me since I used up my towing allotment trips immediately. I can no longer face this alone!!If you don’t help me, I think I will lose it.


Denis Nissim-Sabat

Could be a bad starter relay.
Have you had the computer scanned for trouble codes?

Ooops, I mean Fuel pump relay.
Could also be a failing fuel pump.

When you turn the key does the engine crank, but not “catch”? Or does nothing whatsoever happen except maybe a little click?

If it doesn’t do anything when you turn the key, try wiggling the shifter while the key is turned, or try starting it in neutral. You may have a bad neutral safety switch.

Thanks for the reply. I have not had the computer scanned for trouble codes. Can you tell me more about this? Denis

The engine does not crank. It just makes that little, ever so slight click. I’ll try starting it in neutral. Thanks for the tip. Denis

Thanks. I’m trying to avoid replacing different parts in by hit and miss. I don’t want to spend more money on replacing parts in the car.