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Toyota pravia needs alot of cranking

my 91 previa needs about 15 seconds of continuous cranking and gas pedal pumping to start. Im worried my starter is going to fail sooner than later.

You should be worried. 15 seconds of cranking is an eternity for a starter.

I suggest finding out why the engine is reluctant to start and correcting the situation rather than torturing the starter until it dies.

You should not have to pump the gas pedal. If the ignition system, the fuel system, and the air intake system are all functioning properly the engine should start quickly, just like it did in 1991 when the vehicle was new.

I tuned it wit new plugs, wires, cap and rotor. maybe a bad cold start injector?

You could test it and find out.

I’d also test the coolant temperature sensor. If the sensor is faulty it won’t signal the computer to enrich the mixture.

I’ll give both a shot and let ya know how it goes. thnx

Fuel filter ever been changed?

not since I’ve owned it but it runs great aside from the cranking. It doesn’t miss and runs smooth