Car noise



How best to lower the car noise in a 2008 Honda Civic EX?


Find the source of the noise? Is it wind noise, tyres, air filter, engine, transmission??? Is your car noisier than other CX’s with the same engine and transmission? What does it sound like? What speeds are a problem? Is it noisy at idle?


I have heard about aftermarket sound insulation that you can install yourself. I don’t know if you want to do that, though. It involves things like removing the door panels. Reports have been excellent, though. Stuff seems to work.


The car lets in a lot of road noise any time you get over 50 mph. I don’t think I want to be taking off door panels. Would some kind of insalation attached to the hood help? How about undercoating? Does that really help or is that just a myth?


Insulation installed under the hood could have the unwanted effect of retaining high engine compartment temperatures during hot weather–and that would not be good. As to undercoating, it may reduce road noise to a small extent, but if not applied properly, it can actually accelerate rusting of the vehicle and could void the manufacturer’s rust-through warranty.

I think that the best solution is to either live with the noise or have after-market sound insulation installed in the door panels and under the carpet. And, now, the next time that you are test-driving a new car, you will be more aware of the noise factor during the test drive.


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The only real way of reducing noise is selecting tires that are reputed to be extremely quiet. However the key there is to make sure OEM tires are noisier variety.


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