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Car noise from underneath , is it my fuel pump or cat? Just had some major engine work done, so sad

I just got my car back I had some major engine work done, gaskets and remachined a couple heads + some other stuff, ~$2000 worth & I have had the car for about an entire week and now it is making some horrible noise from the underneath I am guessing exhaust system.

I have not taken it back to the engine shop b/c it just started yesterday and they far away and not open until Tuesday. I put a video on youtube and someone told me it sounds like my fuel pump. I will upload here for you to look at. I have had fuel pump failure before and I never heard a noise like this.

I suspect another costly repair of a failed component but I am debating if I should go somewhere else today to get it diagnosed then go back to the first place that I just spent all the money are or what. I don’t know what to do but have you seen the old poster that says “hit any key to continue” and the guy is standing there about to take a sledgehammer to his computer. I feel a little like that and also very sad about this situation.

Here is a video of the current noise:

Here is a video of my post engine repair you can see all the gasket sealer that was used:

Sorry, but I couldn’t make out anything from the audio. Just a lot of noise and no idea how it differs from “normal” sounds the car makes. Maybe someone else can help. What is the year, model, and motor in the car?

Ah its ok I dont think I was imaging the noise based on what I am used to hearing but it did not do it today when I was driving so I will keep an eye on it and if it gets worse or returns I will go back to the engine shop. It is a Pontiac Grand AM GT 3.4L & it seems to be running great now except my engine temp is a little fluctuating. It holds 200 then after 15-20 mins of driving it is goes up between 210-230 but it does not seem to go higher than that.

I am not using dexcool coolant though I am using the cheap brown watery looking stuff the shop put in that is generic for all cars, do you think that matters really?