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Car makes humming like it has a racing exhaust

I am always embarrassed to ask questions about cars because of my extremely low knowledge, but I am getting really frustrated and hope someone can help. I have a 2017 acura TLX with 30k miles that has had a humming sound for about 6 months that has grown louder and louder. It seems to really start around 40mph and sounds like I have a custom racing exhaust. My problem lies in the fact that Acura is telling me there is nothing wrong with the car, but the sound is growing to the point I do not want to drive the car. Any ideas?

Go to the dealer, and ask to drive another 2017 TLX to listen if it makes the same noise.

If it doesn’t, there’s something wrong with your car.



Tester beat me to the punch. That’s exactly what I was going to suggest.
In addition, you have with your owner’s manual paperwork an outline of a pathway to get the manufacturer involved. Be sure everything at every visit is documented I detail by the dealer’s shop, keep your copies of the shop orders, and don’t hesitate to use that pathway. Assuming, of course, that the other TLX doesn’t make the same noise…

Thanks, I have done that because I began to question my sanity because I thought the car was extremely quiet when I first bought it. Sure enough, the test drive was extremely quiet, but the dealer insist that nothing is wrong.

Are these still the original tires?

Are they wearing evenly, or does the tread look very “choppy” . . . ?

Even if there’s nothing technically wrong with the tires, I’ve found that some tires get incredibly loud as they accumulate some miles on them

What brand of tires are on there right now?

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Don’t be afraid to go to another dealer for an under warranty situation, you do not get brownie points for sticking to 1 dealer.

On vehicles this new noisy tires are the most common complaint. Due to a wear pattern caused by lack of maintenance (tire rotation) or a non OEM tire tread pattern, some of those third world tire companies make noisy tires.


I have to agree with the other forum members that, after 30k miles, the tires are the likely culprit.
And, before you ask–no, that would not be a warranty issue.
Worn tires can definitely produce much more road noise, as compared to those same tires when they were new.

And, if the OEM tires that Acura supplies are typical of most OEM tires, those tires are probably ready for replacement in the very near future–if not right now. I would suggest that the OP browse through the tire selections for his car on the Tire Rack website, and then click on the tire model that was supplied with his car. Read the owner comments regarding those OEM tires, and you just might see complaints regarding excessive noise after the tires have accumulated a lot of wear.

I drive your car’s grandfather - a 2007 TL. Acura is still doing the same thing it did back then - it made a great car and put bad tires on it. Mine were past ready to be changed at 35k. It should be noted that the Goodyear LS2s that come on the TLX have a zero mile treadlife warranty, which should tell you something about how craptastic they are as far as longevity is concerned.

Get it some new tires. I’ve found that Michelin’s Pilot Sport series do the best on my TL. They’re a little more spendy than some other tires, but you’ll save yourself annoyance and headaches by spending the extra cash now.

Try coasting when the sound appears. With the engine then idling while you coast, if the noise goes away, it is more likely the exhaust system’s the culprit. If the noise remains, check the tires.