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Car Make Questions

I’m on a website looking for prices of fuel filters, oil filters & spark plugs. The only problem is this web page I’m on doesnt seem to have my car. My car is a Ford Focus 1.4 CL. On there list they have Ford Focus LE, LX, S, S2, SE, SEL, etc. Which one is the same/similar to mine so I don’t buy the wrong part?

It looks like the places you’re looking for parts at stock parts for the North American version of the Focus. If your Focus has a 1.4L engine then it’s likley a European model as the smallest engine ever offered for the U.S-spec model was a 2 liter. You’ll want to look for a website that sells parts for euro-spec models.

If you can get the Brand and part numbers of the filters and things you can cross reference them at most Brand name sites such as Fram Purolater and such. BTW what year is this Focus? I went to the NGK Spark plug British site and found
1998-2007 Focus 1.4L took an NGK TR5A-10 plug. Here is a cross reference chart: