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Car maintenance

I have a 2001 VW Passat. A year ago had a new temperature gauge put in and a couple of weeks ago had the heater core replaced because I wasn’t getting heat and I still don’t have heat. Service said that they will flush the heater core 3 times but then that’s it. What is the problem?

What does this have to do with maintenance? It sounds to me like a diagnosis and repair situation.

Speaking of maintenance, when is the last time you had the coolant/antifreeze drained and replaced? When is the last time you had it flushed?

How many miles are on this car?

You say you are not getting any heat, but is the blower fan working? If so, it could be simple as the controls or a vacuum hose problem. It could also be the little door that moves to allow hot air into the car. It might not be the heater core at all.

Maybe the problem wasn’t the heater core to begin with. Is the engine reaching its correct operating temperature? Is the heater core getting hot?

You’re not telling us much.

The airflow controls inside the car have to work correctly, too, in order to get hot air in the car. You can have a perfect heater core and still not get heat.

If the heater core is brand new why are they flushing it? More information, please.

My guess is there is an air block I the system.

When they did the work, did they refill with the required G-12 coolant? (It’s pink)

When the engine is warmed up to the normal operating temperature, put your hand on each of the heater hoses.

If both are hot, you MAY have an inoperative blend door or perhaps a bad control switch.