Did i get a good deal or not

just got new front brakes and a tune up for a 2001 Honda CRV, (83,000) miles.


If you describe exactly what they did, we can tell you whether it was a good deal. If the front discs were either replaced or machined (turned) with new pads and brake fluid, and if the “tuneup” was plugs, wires, oil & filter change, chassis lube (if applicable), cooling system flush, it would be a good deal.

Please tell us.

What was included in each?

new pads, brake system flush,plugs,wires
don’t know about cooling sytem flush? don’t see that on the bill.
they originally were saying over $700, good old dad called and talked them down. i know that sounds lame, but it worked.

Rotors turned or replaced?

Rotors replaced

OK, what else? That’s a big item!

o.k. i have the bill here
remove and replace spark plugs
remove & replace spark plug wire set
Tailor mag cor wires
Dist. cap
Remove & replace distributor cap
basic brake job front
ceramic pads
brake system flush

The term “tune-up” is essentially non-specific (and archaic), and as a result, it could include more or less–with a resulting variation in price–depending upon which shop you go to. And, depending upon whether or not the front rotors were replaced, there can also considerable variation in the price of a front brake job.

So–if you will refer to your repair invoice and then list every item for us, we can give you a better indication of whether you got a bargain, or if you were cheated.

Edited to add:
Based on what you listed, I think that you got a fair price.

the reason i took it in was because the front brakes went. i had been having some noticeable backfiring and the engine was not running smoothly and the engine had been coming on and off, so they told me I needed the tune up. The brakes are fixed, and the car is running as smooth as ever. As I said the car has 83,000 miles and I hope that replacing all of the sparks,wire and plugs were necessary or at least warranted.

OK, how much for the ‘rotor’? That may have been just a $10 ignition system part, not the brake rotors. If they did nothing to the brake rotors, it sounds a bit high. Only way to know for sure is to check around, see what other shops/dealers charge. Was this a dealer or an independent shop or ??

In my opinion, it’s a good deal if you are happy with what you got for the money you spent. Understand there is probably about a hundred dollars (shop’s cost) (maybe 150) in parts and the rest is labor. So if they spent 4 hours of labor at 100 bucks/hr, then it all works out well. If you bought the parts down at your local auto parts store, you’d probably be into it for 200 bucks or so. Again it is a good deal if you’re happy with the outcome. Sort of like art. Art is only worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

well the part prices they have listed total more than a $150 and they do list 4 hours of labor. but for the average person how would they know how much all these parts are? I certainly could do research I guess, but they have all these prices broken down and so are those prices inflated as to what they are actually paying? I guess that makes sense, they are in the business of making money.

The price for the parts reflects their add-on profit to each one. You did not get what would be called a “good deal” because of how much you spent, but you paid about the going rate for this type of service. Labor is around $80-$90 per hour, and the parts replaced reflect that it was a “major” event. I know that the cost of the 100,000 mile tune up (no brake job) was between $430 and $550 on my van, depending where you shopped. The days of the $79 tune up are GONE! If the vehicle runs good and the brakes work, enjoy!

Garages don’t like to explain why the phrase “tune up” does not apply today,what else would the call the service “restore driveability”?

In my locale (coastal NH) that would be a decent price for that work.

Sounds like they solved two major problems, so it definitely was worth it! The cost of bad repairs in aggravation and time makes this sound like a good deal. The vast majority of questions about repairs that get posted here are about botched repairs.