Car losses power when accelerating

My 2003 Mitsubishi Galant does not have a check engine light on but the car recently started To lose power when accelerating. I tried a couple things but didn’t help. The alternator and battery are good. When reving to fast the car loses a ton of power but will drive if I gradually pick up speed. I don’t know if it can be loose throttle cable or bad maf. If you have any suggestions or question please let me know.

Have the fuel pressure/volume tested.



Does this mean that the RPMs are going up but the car is not accelerating? If this is the case I would suspect the transmission.

… if it has an automatic trans. If it has a manual shift, then the clutch is likely slipping.

In any event, the OP should clarify exactly what “revving too fast, the car loses a ton of power” means.


It really could be a number of things. If it has power down low, but not up high, yeah, it could be your fuel pressure, LPFP or whole bunch of things fuel related, I doubt it could have much to do with the transmission, but then again it could be a clutch/transmission issue (depends if you have a manual or automatic)