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Car Lights mixed up! please help

Hi guys just wondering would anyone be able to give me any ideas on my problem,

The problem is I changed two headlight bulbs yesterday and then when I went to turn them on the wrong lights were coming on… Dips come on when I put on headlights etc… fog lights now aren’t even coming on at all? Rear lights are all fine. Any ideas???

What kind and year of car, were the bulb numbers the same and what is a dip?

2012 Mk 3 Ford Focus. Sorry I mean low beam… it’s all mixed up with the high beam and fog lights won’t work at all… And yea the bulbs were the same match H7 for H7… :pleading_face:

It’s just very frustrating now because it makes no sense to me

I assume you are not in the US, our 2012 Focus takes H1 high beams and H11 low beams. This forum is mostly us based.

Ah okay thanks, Any idea why something like that might happen though? Every light is working bar the high and Low beams it’s doing my head now

Could the problem be in the dimmer switch - on some cars called multifunction switch? I had one do screwy things on a Chrysler minivan a few years ago. Opened it up, cleaned it out, and it’s been fine. Not all that expensive to buy new, as I recall.

It may be there was nothing with your old headlight bulbs. With a test light or multimeter, see lf there is power to the sockets.

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