Car left in garage for more than two days won't start

My sister has a garage (separate from the house). She states that if she leaves a car in the garage for longer than two days, the car won’t start. This has happened with two honda accords (fairly new) and a mazda (not sure the model, but also fairly new). It has never happened with her minivan, however. She is speculating that it might be happening b/c of overhead power lines that run over the garage. Could this be the source of the problem?


I find it a little odd you didn’t mention what make the minivan is. Domestic?

EMF’s (Electro-Magnetic Fields) , and EMI’s (Electrol-Magnetic Interference) can wreak havoc on delicate electrical components if they’re not shielded for this condition. But if this is what’s causing the anomaly, I can’t say.

Didn’t the brothers once have a call from someone who complained of their vehicle stalling out everytime they passed a certain power distribution center along side the road?


yes, and as i recall the solution was aluminum foil over the electronic fuel injection under the hood.

also what are the ages of the cars and vans?

Before you get into VooDoo, have a parasitic load test done on the cars…

Are these high-tension transmission lines or just neighborhood power wires?

Actually, the radiating field from the AC lines should help keep the battery charged up…Ok, I made that up.

I have to say ‘no’ to your sister’s hypothesis. Not gonna happen, never will, even with high-tension lines.

If the batteries are going low then the vehicles need to be checked for a current drain as previously suggested. If the vehicles turn over but don’t start then there may be fuel related issues to look into.

you didn’t mention it, but do the cars crank over, but not start? or do they not even crank when you turn the key?