Car just clicks/wiring smell

Hey guys, quick question. I went to start my vehicle and it just clicked and didn’t start. I assumed it was a dead battery so tried to jump it. When I did I saw smoke coming from the engine and the smell of burning wires. When I took a look I saw a wire melt and drop down. I’ve never seen this before. Any help would be appreciated

I don’t see any wire in the picture. Burned wires are bad and caused by a largeer current draw than an unfused wire can handle.

Figure out what the wire comes from and goes to and report back.

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First thing I’d look for is corrosion or bad connections at battery and starter. Then check the entire cable for damage which can short out.

Reverse polarity? Best method when this occurs remove battery charge w battery charger then reinstall battery. Clicking may be unrelated to battery btw. Faulty starter motor for rxample.

The melted wire is out of focus, did it fall off of the radiator fan motor?