Car Jolt Forward While Braking

2013 Subaru Forester
Recently did all four sets of brake pads and rotors. Newer calipers. Have driven maybe 300 miles since.
Car is jolting or leaping forward a little while braking. Slight vibration in steering wheel. This happened after doing brakes.
Both front control arms replaced recently, bushings looked ok.
Brake fluid was at a good level and looked clean.
Motor mounts looked ok as far as the rubber.

Not sure what else to check at this point. Maybe the pads just need to be broken in some more? But I would think that after 300 miles if should be good.

Any ideas?

Yes . stop working on cars .


Are all of the lug nuts still tight?

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Get it to a great mechanic. Don’t risk brakes.


Since the odds of a pro ever working on your vehicles are slim to none, retrace all your steps, control arms and all, touch every bolt/nut you touched with a socket/wrench and make they are all still tight…

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You installed a warped brake rotor on the front of the vehicle.

Jolting forward while braking is an unusual observation since the brakes don’t propel the vehicle, maybe you are experiencing a basic pulsation while braking.


Some cars have shims behind the rotors. Ned to put a mic on the rotors to determine runout.

  • Did you clean the new rotors with hot water and soap to remove their anti-rust coating before installing? If not, that coating has probably been transferred to the pads.
  • What’s the run-out measurement on the newly installed rotors?
  • If there’s a run-out problem according to the measurement, don’t presume the problem is defective rotors. It could be the rotor isn’t properly seating on the hub.
  • If everything above tests ok, the pads and rotors may just need some add’l bedding in. Suggest to Google how to do that. I do it by driving about 40 mph and holding. When it is safe to slow down and stop, I give very slight pressure to the brakes, gradually increasing the pressure until the speed is about 5 mph, then I apply a little more pressure until the car stops. It usually takes 3 or 4 times before the brakes start feel like they did before the work.