2003 Pontiac Grand Am - Revs unexpectedly

hi i have been having problems with my car revving up to 2 or 3 when on highway and doesnt go down i had changed the spark plugs, the throttle position sensor, and the idle air control motor but car still is doing the same thing and now when driving it it is starting to jerk when i slow down .

From this very cryptic description of a problem, it sounds like a transmission problem. But this is a wild guess since you didn’t tell me much about the car either.


I’m thinking trans issue also. Maybe the torque converter lockup switch or solenoid is bad. Do me a favor. Start counting gear shifts as you accelerate. I’m thinking it’s not going into overdrive and the jerking may or may not be related. Does the “jerking as you slow down” stop when you take your foot off the brake? If it does stop, it’s a different problem and I think you have transmission issues. If it persists, it could be a misfire which might keep the transmission from being able to shift into overdrive.

Is the check engine light on?

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you havent said if this is a automatic or a manual

That’s 100% correct. I just assumed auto since everything above 4 cylinders has been an auto for the last few years.

And I miss the manuals. But admit some of the multi speed autos make them obsolete.