Car jerks when a/c is on

Car Jerks when a/c is on and acceleration becomes jam power steering and brakes becomes harder then normal situation (a/c is off). Why? I have Camry Prominent 2.5L 1992 model.

If the AC compressor is seizing up it could cause these problems.

I suggest you have an automotive HVAC expert look at the car and test the AC system.

dash board light which is just below the heat meter is on while driving. when the heat meter is in middle or slight less from half the car is okay and water comes to an empty but the acceleration and everything becomes okay. Beside today i drove 45 km without a/c and all the problems are coming which were seen with the a/c on … what is the exact probelm???

I think you should check the level of coolant in the radiator.

You will have to consult the owner’s manual to tell you the meaning of the light, but no warning lights should be on while you are driving.

i always checq the level of coolant and if less i fill it but problems occurs… and the dash board light i got dat if tail light fails den it appears