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Car is hesitating when accelerating

Do I have a problem with my catalythic converter?? My 2000 Jaguar S-type has a little over 103,000 miles. I have just started experiencing a hesitation when accelerating. Also smelt a slight sulfur smell today. I have been using regular gas in it for the last 5 years. Could it be the catalythic converter or something else.

I doubt the problem is caused by a bad cat. The slight sulfur smell indicates the fuel/air mixture is too rich, a situation that can be caused by any of several problems such as a malfunctioning sensor somewhere.

Your check engine light should be lit. But whether it is or isn’t, take your car to a place able to read out the computer’s trouble codes. The codes will give us a vital clue.

Which engine do you have, the V8 or the V6. The V8 is well known for valve cover oil leaks that soak the COPs (Coil On Plug) with oil and lead to slight misfires. I would bet that the smell is the leak, and the hesitation is the misfire. Pull the coil covers off and see if there is oil under them.