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Car is acting up

2014 Chevy Cruz. I can be sitting in park and the car will sputter and the lights will dim. If i cut the air on it gets even worse. I can be driving down the road and when i hit the gas it kicks back and dont want to go. I can be stopped and gas it and it will just rev up then kick in and take off but going no where while the rpms or reving pretty high. Is this a battery/ electrical or transmission or neither?

First hunch: battery problem: loose or corroded connections, or an internal fault.

The easiest would be the battery. I had this happen on a truck where it would die and come back to life. All the dash lights would go out and then it would restart rolling in gear (it is a manual). A new battery solved all those problems.

It could be other things as well but on a car this new I would bet on the battery. Have it tested and see if it is out of spec. Odds are it will be even with this being an intermittent issue.

If it is the original battery it is time to replace it. Some people will disagree, but I don’t trust batteries over 4 years old.


My Camry’s battery is 7 years old, still tests good (actually tests with more than original spec CCA. ) My daughters Corolla’s battery is 9.

I bet you and she don’t live in Texas

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There’s no way that Corolla battery would last 9 years in Los Angeles, either . . . or anywhere in the southwest, for that matter, in my opinion

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I seem to get about 5 or 6 years out of a factory installed battery in MS. I think if I got 9 years out of a battery I’d be sold on that brand for life.