Electrical problems with my car

97 Acura 2.2 CL

So this has been a long month of car problems but long story short. One day my car wouldn’t crank, got it jumped off then took it to a shop, they said I should get a new battery, got a new one. Then drove about two hours, while I was driving the car started to kind of die. Like the radio would die and lights would be very dim, but was better when I let off the gas and just let the car cruise. If I turned the car off it wouldn’t crank again, and now when I turn off the car the battery light comes on for a slip second Everytime, not sure if it did that before, but now I’m noticing it. Took it to a mechanic and he said I needed a new alternator, got that and then a few days later it had the same problems and then I took it back. He said I had a bad battery, so I got another new battery. Then drove back home 2 hours, then a few days later same problems. Then one guy told me my terminals were to loose. So it tightened one and everything was working fine. then that night same problems, another guy said your terminals are way to loose, and he twisted it right off, which I could’ve sworn they were tighter. But then today I bought some sleeves for the terminals and re-tightend the terminas again and now they are TIGHT. Like no moving around and no popping off…yet my car is dying again and needs to be jumped off to crank.

So basically new alternator (not completely sure if I needed a new one anyway) and new battery so I know those aren’t the issues. Any ideas? I’m a college student and out of money so…less expensive ideas would be greatly appreciated.

You need to find someone with a battery charger you can borrow. Then, disconnect the battery from the car. Then charge the battery for 12 hours. Then, disconnect the charger, reconnect the battery and start the car. Put a voltmeter on the battery terminals with the engine running. If you have at least 14 volts, put the high beams on. You should still have at least 14 volts. If you do, shut the lights, shut the engine, close the hood, you’re good to go. Oh, one more thing, get a better mechanic.

The harmonic balancer may be slipping.

Take the vehicle to a shop, and ask that they make slip reference marks on the harmonic balancer like this.

Drive the vehicle until the problem occurs again.

Take the vehicle back to the shop, and ask that they check if the slip reference marks are still lined up.

If not, that’s the problem


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I’d zero in on this information.
Has any “mechanic” replaced any belts or pulleys or inspected the condition of this accessory drive system which consists of a serpentine belts or V-belts, or belts that drive the water pump, power steering and alternator. A/C, etcetera?

If these belts slip at higher engine speeds they could fail to turn the alternator pulley sufficiently to charge the battery. Perhaps letting off the gas causes them not to slip and charging occurs at a better rate.
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Ooo, I like that idea! I’ve replaced a harmonic balancer, once, but it not only slipped, it had a tell-tale wobble that could be felt.
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