Car in LA

Would an 84 Volkswagen Scirocco be likely to get stolen. I will be in LA at USC for two years.

Without even consulting any insurance company statistical tables, I have to ask:

How many potential car thieves do you really think would be interested in this 26 year old vehicle?

It is not a classic, and is just an old car. Thieves want a car that is either readily saleable because it is a “hot item” or because there is a big demand for its parts. A 26 year old VW Scirocco fails both of these tests, IMHO.

Not by any car thief with any self respect.


“Not by any car thief with any self respect.”

Who ever said that car thieves have self respect? Especially car thieves in that area of LA. USC is in a less than perfect part of town. If you park on campus, you will be OK. If you live off campus, you might be a mark for a curious (young) teen who wants to see what your car is like - a joy ride. A doctor friend used to drive a Pinto to avoid auto theft. He figured that an emergency room surgeon in the Bronx needed reliable transportation, and he had to live close enough to the hospital that ‘reliable’ meant something that no one wanted. Maybe your VW will fit that category.

I doubt if it would be at the top of the list, but I could be wrong. Cars may be stolen to resell, or to strip for parts. How many 84 Sciroccos need parts?

I would guess it is not on the top of the list, but also no on the bottom. Why not ask your insurance company. I bet they know better than anyone here.

“How many 84 Sciroccos need parts?”

How many '84 Sciroccos are even still on the road?
It has been a looooong time since I have seen even one.

John, There Are Probably A Couple Of Factors To Consider. Is This A “Showroom” Fresh Or Tricked Out Scirocco That Looks Valuable Or Desirable Or Is It A “Beater” ?

I live where people still leave keys in their cars parked at home or in the car while they shop (some leave cars running if it’s a short stop). However, I had an 84 Scirroco company car in 84 and it was a fun car.

Looking back, I’d say the Scirocco was relatively more desirable in 84 than it is now unless it is in near perfect condition, has fancy paint, or expensive audio equipment, etcetera. There are more sporty cars made by more manufacturers now than in 84. That makes a Scirocco not such a stand-out. My company car did have some special edition bucket seats that would be worth it for some crook to steal, I suppose.

Opportunity is probably one of the biggest factors. Things like where it’s parked, when it’s parked, and how easy it is are factors. Is there a way for you to put a hidden fuel cut-off switch or battery cut-off device in it ? I don’t really advise the constant plugging and unplugging required for you to take the fuel pump relay with you every time you park.

If this is a “beater” Scirocco then it might just be an ideal car to prk there.