'84 VW Scirocco

Are there many mechanics in LA that would work on an 84 Volkswagen Scirocco, or would I be better off going to LA in a Ford or Chevy from the repairs standpoint.

From a repair standpoint, you would find more mechanics who specialize in Honda and Toyota models, as compared to a 26 year old VW. However, I am sure that there are some specialized VW mechanics in metro LA.

The downside of the Hondas and Toyotas is that they would be hundreds of times more likely to be stolen, as compared to that Scirocco.

I suspect you will not have a big of a choice, but I would bet you will be able to find a choice of mechanics who will work on them and know them well. After all older cars are a way of life there.

Drive around and you will see what would be a classic car for parades and shows in the North East, being used as daily drivers is CA.

If it was mine, you can bet I would drive the Scirocco.

I’m certain there are VW mechanics to handle your Scirocco, which is no different under the skin than a Rabbit, Golf, or Jetta. I found dozens of VW mechanics in LA using the mechanic finder:

An established repair shop that specializes in older BMWs, SAABs, Benzs, etc. should also be able to service this car with no problem.

Not only is much of the electrical and fuel injection the same or identical, many of the repair procedures are the same.

LA is the second largest city and metropolitan area in the USA. You can get anything repaired there.