Car ignition failed

Hello, I had difficult in starting my car.

The ignition cranks and car is started, and run at reasonable time to get enough engine hot and power. Everything is fine like engine temp, coolant, battery level, fuel pump etc.

After engine off and I put on AC for just a mere 10 minutes with key at ignition switch position, then I try starting the engine it doesn’t go live. We then started by running start ie pushing or jump start.

Really surprise with a short period why would the car not start. Please help me. Thanks.

Your battery is probably old and tired and can’t handle being drained when the car is off. Is this the same car that has the bad clutch?

Chances are your battery needs replacing.

BTW, if the engine is not running, your AC compressor is not running so you are not getting cold air.

Yes really, something hard to start happens when clutch was replaced.

Unless this is an electric car, which has an electric AC. Some hybrids do this also.

Yes I know that💁‍♂️